[Learning Poster #009 > Parasite Heating Unit], Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin, Germany, 2011]


For Parasite Heating Unit this poster was made, including the words:

One thing is not in doubt: if we do nothing, we are faced with increasing chaos. We know something about chaos. We live it in a small way already. But what do we know about sustainability? Is sustainable the same as ecological, or natural? Is a sustainable thing, a thing that lasts a long time, or is it something that fits into a natural order? Is a natural order sustainable? We are natural, but we die. Are we sustainable?
When we make things sustainable, aren’t we often defying nature and the natural constraints of eco-systems? Are some things sustainable, but bad for the environment? Market economists argue that creative destruction, the chaos of capitalism, is natural. Is capitalism natural? Is natural the same as an eco-system? Is a natural order a good thing? Are our cities natural? Did they develop organically? Or were they planned? Are unplanned cities more natural, more organic? Which is more sustainable? Is dictatorship good because it is sustainable? Is democracy bad because it is chaotic? Which is more ecological? So many questions.

Our thinking about sustainability seems chaotic. Is that because our lives are already chaotic? Or do we seek chaos? We often value art because it disrupts settled patterns of thought. The concept of progress is also closer to chaos than to sustainability. Does the chaos we admire in culture help to undermine our future? Is future sustainability a dystopia – the continuation of current chaos – or a utopia – the resolution of chaos? So many questions.

How will our future look? Will we like it? We will do our best.

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