Audible Dwelling 0.2, ESS (European Spallation Source ESS AB) & Krognoshuset, Lund, Sweden, Spring/Summer 2013


One of the units of Audible Dwelling 0.2 was placed in the planned and built Science park ESS in Lund for 3 months in spring-summer 2013. In the period from the 1st of June to the 30nd of June the other unit of Audible Dwelling 0.2 was placed at Mårtenstorget broadcasting the speech At 3:00 pm.
At one moment, a month, the units were connected in the sense that Sandra Kopjlar (recearcher at Lund Institute of Technology, see more below) used them as walkie talkies, sending signals that ended up as external speech from ESS to Krognoshuset at the square Mårtenstorget. The effect was that persons at Mårtenstorget could hear the speech that was read at ESS. See article concerning the studies with Audible Dwelling at ESS by Sandra Kopljar:


Short about the place
ESS: the European Spallation Source, is to be located and built at Brunnshög, Lund. Brunnshög that is often described as farmland, conventional agriculture, and will now turn in to a district of Lund City. ESS is a collaboration between different nations that can be associated with research projects such as CERN in Geneva. In 2014 ESS was extended by another rented 325 2m in Linköping where they will build neutron detectors for the machine.

Short about the collaboration
Learning Site collaborated for a period of time for 2 years with the Lund’s architect school’s phd student Sandra kopljar and associate professor Gunnar Sandin. In Kopjlar’s studies of how cities are planned from the perspective of the notion affordance, she carried through several field studies by using one unit of Audible Dwelling.

Sandra Kopljar
The project Methods for exploring potential in urban evolutionary processes, aims to identify opportunities to influence the planning process (within its temporal extent) and to formulate research methods within the borders of the planning and the urban evolutionary process. Here the planning rhetoric is studied, as well as the arguments of various stakeholders and concerned. This is problematized through on-site interventions. As part of the project collaboration with Learning Site Audible Dwelling has been placed in Brunnshög, Northeast Lund, where investigations will be made throughout May and June, 2013.
Uttered expectations: a transmission of sound in Down Town Lund about Science Village in Lund
The 27th of June, Gallery AURA and LTH/Architecture invite interested and concerned for an urban sound transmission. A sound transmission that takes place between Down town Lund (Mårtenstorget) and a farm placed at Brunnshög where the future Science Village is planned to be, the terminus for the proposed tram line to the future built area. The reading will take place at Brunnshög and is transmitted to Mårtenstorget with the help of Audible Dwelling.
Audible Dwelling is the name of a 'stereo speaker dwelling'  that the artist group Learning Site has produced and which is placed and used in the ongoing exhibition at AURA, Lund. The dwelling has previously been presented by Tensta Konsthall this spring and at Columbus College of Art&Design, Ohio, USA four years ago. The second speaker of Audible Dwelling in Lund, is placed at Brunnshög and has been lent to LTH /Architecture. The research undertakes the expectations of the large scale research laboratories MAX IV and ESS.
Interested and concerned persons are welcome to participate in this event the 27th of June with a start at 5 pm. (17.00). Either, one can visit the speaker at Brunnshög from where the transmission is done, or one can choose to visit the speaker at Mårtenstorget where the sound is transmitted for the City.


Learning Book #004, Audible Dwelling, 2011

Audible Dwelling 0.2 housing Sound School Part I, Siggalycka, 2014
Audible Dwelling 0.2 placed at the transnational harbor CMP, Malmö, 2013
Audible Dwelling 0.2 placed at a parking lot in front of Tensta Konsthall, 2013
Descent to Revolution, CCAD, Columbus, Autumn 2009

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Thanks to The Danish Arts Council and Konstnärsnämnden, Sweden