Audible Dwelling 0.2, Siggalycka, Blekinge, Sweden, 2013/2015
Ljudskola part I

Audible Dwelling was thought and built by Learning Site and it was made as a way of examining the relation of speech to place and architecture to political and cultural landscape. Audible Dwelling have traveled through the US to Sweden between 2009 and 2014 where longer stops are made on it's trajectory: Columbus, Ohio; Tensta Konsthall; Malmoe, Northern Harbour/ Copenhagen Malmoe Port; The Science Park ESS and Krognoshuset in Lund andlatest Siggalycka Folkskola, Blekinge where it is still placed.

Siggalycka Folkskola & Sound school

Since late 2013 Audible Dwelling 0.2 has been placed as an extension to the former school Siggalycka in Blekinge, speakers heading towards the line of forest. A sound school was prepared and planned to take place in June 2014 where the Audible Dwelling 0.2 took part in the preparatory part of the sound school part I and in the very Sound School part I.

Short about the place
The dominated surroundings of the school is planned, cultivated and farmed forest. A forest that takes part of the forest industry, locally, nationally and internationally. The school building served as a school in the school reform from the 1900 century until the beginning of 1960's when it was replaced by the compulsery school reform.

Fisrt compartment for producing and sending sound signals to second compartment

Recieving sound from the second compartment

Short about the Sound school 'Ljudskola Part I'
The Sound school part I in Siggalycke ran over four days and was exploring the surroundings, creating montages, installations and live transmissions. The course tried to challenge the notion of space and conventions of place with aural space, informed by the industrial forest, the geographical, the social and economical landscape, the abandoned dwellings and the participants' very presence. See:

Space for one of the four tracks

Ljudskolan was an experiment in sound production and collective creative processes and is take placen on Siggalycke Folkskola in Smaland, which houses Audible Dwellings; two itinerant speaker houses. Audible Dwellings is both a stereo system and a resident, they are in the house's garden and our listening cinema on the edge of the forest. We aimed to create a space for improvisation and experimentation with an interest in how auditory studies takes shape as a collective process.

Ljudskolan had four tracks, they ran parallel during the days. Each track was facilitated by sound artists or radio people and different grip on a local, auditory universe: transmission and radio as a medium, narrative forms of storytelling and music as material and installation. The evenings were formed by listening cinema in the forest and papers.

More than 35 persons took part in The Sound School Part I.

Sending local radio and sound signals from the loft to the first compartment

Producing more sound

Different shared activities, like cooking, cleaning and walks, in relation to the sound school took place at the site.

Learning Book #004, Audible Dwelling, 2011

Audible Dwelling 0.1
placed at one of many parking lots in Columbus, 2009
Audible Dwelling 0.2 placed at a parking lot in front of Tensta Konsthall, 2013
Audio Dwelling 0.2 Science Park ESS, Lund, 2013
Audio Dwelling 0.2 CMP (Copenhagen Malmö Port), 2013

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