House of Economy


The title, The House of Economy, refers to the accumulation of wealth as the ultimate adventure in a world that is both held together and pulled apart by forces of capital. A building that parasites itself as an organic process in slow and continuous collapse, The House of Economy is a host body for an ecological system of disintegration, consisting of mushrooms and mycelium that feed on the collapse. In part inspired by termitaries, in part by the decayed architecture of deregulated financial markets, it forms an allegory of the entropy of architectural and economical systems. It is accompanied by images and a text written by writer Anthony Iles in conversation with Rikke Luther.

Learning Site’s concerns – the meeting between environment, culture, labour, property rights, informal architectures, social and monetary economies – calls for a diversity of approaches which are connected by artistic means. This is their lesson number one: the re-imagination of social space, as presented in the art work’s combination of fascination, indignation and analysis.

Published by Learning Site on the occasion of the 4th Auckland Triennial, Last Ride in a Hot Air Balloon, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, 12 March-20 June 2010

Printed in New Zealand by GEON. Support for thi s book was provided by The Danish Arts Foundation


A5, 20 pages, 84 colour plates, 2 half tones
Paper 4€ + post, ISBN 978-87-92065-02-5

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