House of Welfare
Raven Row, London, 2013
Learning Site (Rikke Luther) together with Jaime Stapleton (writer)

House of Welfare is an updated version of House of Economy, 2010 now including gold, a mobile and the essay "California Scheming: Wake Up and Smell the Patchouli!".

A papier-mâché termite mound built to be devoured by a culture of mushrooms that grow within it, thus destroying their means of survival. Produced in a bankrupt present, the ruin of House of Welfare echoes a collapse that will have been; when everything is based on credit and financial speculation, the future melts into air.

Stapleton has written an essay on history of social security and the welfare state; a history that is traced from trenches of the First World War to the contemporary onslaughts against it. In this way Stapleton gives critical context to the way the psychedelic narrative of freedom has been deformed in todays mushrooming networks of control.

The House of Welfare collapsed

A high humidity supports mushrooms growth and facilitates the process of collapse.

Text by Jaime Stapleton: "California Scheming: Wake Up and Smell the Patchouli!"

"California Scheming: Wake Up and Smell the Patchouli!" as PDF

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