[Learning Poster #004-A and #004-B, Underground Mushroom Gardens]

The Learning Posters are a part of [Connecting Systems]. [Connecting Systems] looks at how systems can be connected with other systems. This means that existing systems could be redefined, added to, expanded, plugged into other systems, and so on. [Learning Poster #004A and #004B, Underground Mushroom Gardens] are part of an ongoing exchange between Suraya Saidon, director of PCF, Dr. Atomic Leow from the Biotechnology Department, Temasek Polytechnic, and Learning Site. The exchange started in March 2006. One of the exchange’s projects is the mini-farm that was initiated in November, 2005 by Suraya Saidon. Its site is on public land outside the kindergarten and is also part of PCF’s education. [Underground Mushroom Gardens] is an underground construction that has been planned to exist under the site of the mini-farm. [Underground Mushroom Gardens] is part of the hands-on education at PCF the fall 2006 in Singapore.

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[Connection Systems, Underground Mushroom Gardens], Singapore 2006
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