[Learning Poster #007-A and #007-H, Poster Dwelling; Land, Market and Economy - Start Here]

Learning Site developed proposals to make a site-specific work in a green public space above Palika Bazar, an underground marketplace owned by the state. [Poster Dwelling; Land, Market and Economy] comprised a 1-to-1 scale copy of one of the 8-sided concrete domes that rise above the market to provide it with fresh air and natural light. It was determined that the new dome would explore the tense relations between land, economy and environment and the role of markets in social and cultural organization. Learning Site did preliminary research and drawings in 2008, and asked Jaime Stapleton to develop a text though discussion that encompassed these complex issues. Texts and images were structured like a storyboard moving around the 8-sides of the dome.

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Text: "Start Here" including some drawings
[Poster Dwelling; Land, Market, and Economy], Delhi 2008