Three maps - part of Everyday, Everywhere, 2012:

[Map of Values]

[Map of Everyday Nature]

[Map of Defray the Risk of Bad Consumer Behavior]

The themes of finance, illusion and belief were further formulated through three large-scale posters, designed by Learning Site with inspiration of old Icelandish maps. The “Map of Values” indicated the location of the poster interventions around Reykjavik. The “Map to Defray The Risk of Bad Consumer Behavior” explored the theme of real property (land) to its financial derivative (the equation for a credit default swap). The third, “Everyday Nature”, set the scene for the accompanying one-act play “Everyday, Everywhere: The Dialogue” written by Jaime Stapleton. The play, also reproduced here, explores the game-playing and manipulation of appearances inherent in financialisation and the construction of ‘futures’.

[Everyday, Everywhere] around the city of Reykjavik left vacant, 2012