Please deposit your empty plastic soda bottles!

The bottles will be used in a dwelling that we will build at the Smart Museum the 6th of October, 2005. It will be constructed of modules made from collected cardboard and the small plastic bottles we collect here on the university campus.

Dwelling under construction in Monterrey, Mexico, 2005


We are asking for your help in collecting small plastic bottles from July until October. Please put the bottles in this box. Bring bottles from home too.

The dwelling will be constructed for the show “Beyond Green” at the Smart Museum. The show opens on the 6th of October. The dwelling is a full-sized model that relates to our project in Monterrey, Mexico, where a similar dwelling was constructed with plastic bottles on squatted land. The bottles were collected in the area where the dwelling was built.

We are Learning Group (Julio Castro, Mexico; Brett Bloom, Chicago; Cecilia Wendt, Sweden; Rikke Luther, Denmark).

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