Audible Dwelling 0.2, CMP (Copenhagen Malmö Port), 2013
8th of September, at 15:00

Learning Site together with Viggo Wichmann
- and guestspeakers

Emitted sound begins circa 3 pm in the following order:
Jeppe Wedel Brandt, researcher and writer
Karin Grundström, researcher and writer
Ask Katzeff, researcher and writer
Gunnar Sandin, researcher and writer
Jesper Skaaning/ Acustic, electronic musician
Annelie Nilsson, artist
Brett Bloom & Bonnie Fortune, artists
Jaime Stapleton, researcher and writer

Inside Audible Dwelling:
Sandra Kopljar, researcher; Learning Site; Kari Mjåtveit; Annelie Nilsson; Gunnar Sandin and Jaime Stapleton

Placed at a private logistic company in the transnational harbor CMP (Copenhagen Malmö Port), 2013

Audible Dwelling was thought and built by Learning Site and it was made as a way of examining the relation of speech to place and architecture to political and cultural landscape. In this stop of an ongoing travel, Learning Site has invited persons that have in some way a relation to the making of Audible Dwelling and the place where it was made. The place, the docks of Malmö and Copenhagen have gone through transformations that many other docks have done elsewhere, with a replacement of industries, storage areas and harbour functions. Learning site’s choice of place is a place of trade of goods and persons, it is a workplace, it is a place that is administrated by Malmö City and Copenhagen Malmö Port and the City of Malmö.

Following persons used the Audible Dwelling in various ways in relation to the place during this event, before it is shipped off to Siggalycke Folkskola, Blekinge for a longer stay: Jeppe Wedel Brandt, Brett Bloom & Bonnie Fortune, Karin Grundström, Ask Katzeff, Sandra Kopljar, Kari Mjåtveit, Annelie Nilsson, Gunnar Sandin, Jesper Skaaning and Jaime Stapleton.

Short about the place
The land in Norra Hamnen in Malmö is administrated by Malmö City and Copenhagen Malmö Port. The transnational privat public owned CMP (Copehagen Malmö Port), founded in 2001, is an economical construction, a joint construction, for commercial trade and administrate waterfronts in Copenhagen and Malmö.

Jesper Skaaning


Brett Bloom


Karin Grundström

Ask Katzeff

Audible Dwelling 0.2
housing Sound School Part I, Siggalycka, 2014
Audible Dwelling 0.2 placed at the transnational harbor CMP, Malmö, 2013
Audible Dwelling 0.2placed at the Science Park ESS, Lund, 2013
Audible Dwelling 0.2 placed at a parking lot in front of Tensta Konsthall, 2013
Audible Dwelling, 0.1 placed at one of many parking lots in Columbus, 2009

Learning Book #004, Audible Dwelling, 2011

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