FLOATING PLATFORM (2000) and N55 SPACEFRAME (1999), was built by N55: Cecilia Wendt (1965), Rikke Luther (1970), Jon Sørvin (1964) and Ingvil Aarbakke (1970 - 2005). It was used as their platform in Copenhagen in the period 2000 - 2004.

The Manual for FLOATING PLATFORM and Manual for N55 SPACEFRAME is, among other manuals from the period 1996 - 2003, available in the N55 BOOK - download here as PDF

N55 SPACEFRAME and FLOATING PLATFORM were developed as a collaboration between N55 and Erling Sørvin, and employed his research on building struts.

The N55 SPACEFRAME AND FLOATING PLATFORM are currently situated at Quintus-holmen, Copenhagen, and continue to be used and adapted for new purposes by Learning Site.

N55 SPACEFRAME and FLOATING PLATFORM, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2003