Learning Book #002, [Connecting Systems]:

[Learning Book #002] is part of an ongoing discussion about how knowledge is produced and distributed. It centres on how one system can be connected to another, and how these systems can be redefined, added to, expanded and plugged into other systems etcetera. The main systems that are involved and discussed are regulations relating to the use of land, knowledge systems, food production and trade.

[Learning Book #002] examines [Underground Mushroom Gardens] in general and the [Underground Mushroom Gardens] created during the Singapore Biennale 2006 in particular, that took place at the PCF school, Indusroad #79, Singapore.
This book also covers the production of new land in the city and its surrounding region. [Pedagogical Island] is built from collected jars and bottles, and a system of racks and composted earth. Worms, insects and bacteria were transported to the island to keep the soil in order, while other dwellers have moved in voluntarily, creating a floating food production unit.
A historical introduction to power gleaned from the sun and the connection to different systems is included. That informes the construction for [Pod #001]. [Pod #001] contains solar panels for gleaning solar energy, and its roof is shaped like a funnel to collect rainwater for irrigation. It is also used as a greenhouse, providing passive heating to the floating house it is attached to.
This book also includes four Learning Posters; [Connection Systems, #002], [Underground Mushroom Gardens, #004A / #004B], and Where is the Sun - Gleaning Solar Power]

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A short and edited danish version: Hvor er Solen? - Om at sanke solenergi, solceller, konstruktion af flydende øer og andre ting

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