Workshop: [Walking City]

[Walking City] was built from materials from the [Collecting System]. A workshop was set up at Goshu Elementary School in Moriya together with 78 students. We discussed the global and local economies in relation to living conditions, the production of dwellings, unused materials, sustainability, and urban planning. The students made drawings and writings and began to build. After a few days of constructing wearable buildings, a city walked out of the school.

[Walking City] passing a building

Haunted Mansion, House-like Building, Ouchi Building: “This is a building that looks like a house, so we can go inside”, and Omoshiroi Ghost House.

Ramen Shop from a TV soap opera: “There are all real devils in the world.”

Future rockets: “These are rockets that allow anyone to go to space anytime.”

Milk house, recycling shop on a cloud, hospital in a tree, snail house, cat house. Observation of the park: “It was an explosion of houses.”

A house after the typhoon: “This is a house after the typhoon and is about to collapse.”

Kamegata no le “turtle’s shell” and a baseball stadium in Nagoyo-city, which has “Shachihoko” (imaginary sea with killer whales on top of the roof.)

“The shape is like a real spacestation. It has a solar power system. Inside there’s a football play ground for the aliens in zero gravity conditions.”

"There’s a water tank, filtering system for the water, and solar panels. In the process of making it, there were parts that became difficult. To solve them you have to work in a team”

“I think we need a lonely place in a city.”

We used the learning situation in order to discuss sustainability, global economy etcetera in relation to conditions of living and production of dwellings. In relation to the work with the dwelling constructions the persons made drawings and writings: