[Collecting System]:

[Collecting System] gathers unused materials to be used in local daily life.

Unused materials accumulated by [Collecting System] are to be used for education, research and other things.

Info about [Collecting System] in practice:

Japan, 2004:

Flyers were distributed in the city of Moriya, informing about [Collecting System] – the collection of paper materials from home and work places (see [Places Producing Unused Material > Collecting System]). The donated paper was either delivered at the school or it was picked up.

The material was used for [Paper Dwelling > Learning by Sea Urchin. Model 1:1], [Cooking Glue], [Paper Brick], and [Walking City].

In Japan, unused materials produced by households are state property and controlled by the state. However, in many municipalities, the collecting system of unused materials is privatized, but even so information of the collecting system is still produced and managed by the municipalities. Parallel to this, pirate companies are collecting unused materials. This means that it is difficult for anybody to get access to the production of unused materials.

Most of the unused materials are named as “Valued Garbage”. Much of the unused materials are being shipped to areas where it is inexpensive to have it transformed and sold as new products, containers, and etcetera.
The [Collecting System] was set up in Moriya, Japan, in 2004. It collected shredded paper and cardboard for experiments with producing [Paper Brick], for constructing insulated dwellings [Paper Dwelling > Learning by Sea Urchin, Model 1:1], and making [Walking City].

Tools for [Collecting System]

México, 2005:

Plastic bottles are discarded all over the city of Monterrey and constitute a unused material. [Collecting System] was set up and now gathers bottles. Some were used to construct [Collected Material Dwelling, #002]. Others will be turned into granulate and used for modules for new dwellings and other things.

[Collecting System] will copy the economy and methods that are carried out in the area in order to research materials for building systems and dwellings.

People gathered to collect bottles made out of the plastic type PET. The PET plastic is common used in production of bottles for soft drinks. These bottles are not included in the deposit system, as glass bottles are.

[Collecting System] was set up at the University of Chicago, 2005. Unused material from the Smart Museum’s café and other campus locations were used to construct [Collected Material Dwelling with Water Collecting Roof, #002].











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