[Learning by Sea Urchin > Paper Dwelling, Model 1:1] & [Collecting System]
Tokyo, 2004

Learning by Sea Urchin was made with inspiration studing local Sea Urchins construction.
The [Collecting System] was set up in Japan, in 2004. It collected shredded paper and cardboard for experiments, constructing [Paper Dwelling > Learning by Sea Urchin, Model 1:1], and making [Walking City]. The unused material came from households, offices, schools, stores and restaurants. It was either delivered to the school or was picked up.

Places producing unused materials, place for storing unused materials and donated paper being delivered:

[Paper Dwelling > Learning by Sea Urchin, Model 1:1] is constructed out of cardboard gathered from [Collecting System]. The cardboard is glued together:


A workshop was done for collecting material and assembling the construction. Templates were made by cutting carbord for the construction units.

Interior view of the ceiling

Students visiting [Learning by Sea Urchin > Paper Dwelling, 1:1 Model]

[Paper Dwelling > Learning by Sea Urchin, Model 1:1] at AIT in Tokyo in the period of December, 2004 to Marts, 2005 where it was a part of the teaching and practice at the university. It was used for different occasions like classes, archive, and discussions and as space showing different things like publications and films.

After being at Arts Initiative Tokyo, the dwelling was taken apart and became unused materials that entered the official state collecting system.

[Collecting System]
[Cooking Glue] and [Paper Brick]
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