[Poster Dwelling; Land, Market and Economy]:

[Poster Dwelling for Land and Economy] has been developed in relation to issues suggested by the spaces and social activity related to the Palika Bazaar market and the economic zoning system and the green city plan for Delhi.

The orthodox economics that prevails in 'Market Economies' suggests that all social and cultural relations are the result of market forces. Conversely, historians, anthropologists and sociologists suggest that markets are, in fact, deeply embedded in cultural practices, social conventions and local traditions. Often, 'real markets' rub shoulders with an 'ideology of Markets'. Real markets operate within the social, cultural and legal constraints of particular localities and customs. But increasingly they co-exist with 'conceptual' Markets. In Special Economic Zones for example, local traditions, customs and laws are suspended. In their place, the 'society', 'culture' and 'law' of 'The Market' reigns. Between 'real markets' and the 'ideology of the Market' lie complex issues of labor, access to land and knowledge, ecology, politics and power. The surface of Poster Dwelling explores these interrelations and their relevance for the environment.

[Poster Dwelling; Land, Market and Economy]
Learning Book #003, [Poster Dwelling; Land, Market and Economy], Delhi, 2008