[Connection Systems]: [Connecting Power]

The production of food is related to the discussion of ownership and patents, in realtion to plants, in relation to gmos and non-gmos, and to look at how culture and nature are often mixed, and to look at how it is related to economy.

[Connecting Systems]:

[Connecting Systems] attach to systems that already exist. They redefine, add to, plug into and expand other systems.

[Connecting Power]:

You can take the power from the grid that runs across your property, through your shop, garden or other space you use. You can connect to the power system with a transformer.

The transformer will convert the current from high to low voltage. For example, a greenhouse can be constructed out of used bookcases, plastic, tape, and 12 V / 9 W lamps that are connected via a transformer to the power grid.

The greenhouse is made of old shelves, daylight bulbs and plastic. It is connected to the power system

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